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Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome and Program Resources

    • Welcome to Highest Intention

    • Soulful Music for "Highest Intention"

    • Featured Meditation or Breath Practice: As Above, So Below (AUDIO)

    • About Adinkra Symbols

    • Basics of the Weekly Rising up Rooted Process

    • Rising Up Rooted Reflection Pages (DOWNLOAD)

    • 7 Tips to Enhance your Year of Wisdom and Healing

    • Adinkra Symbols and Poem for Highest Intention (DOWNLOAD)

  • 2

    Highest Intention Week 1: MPUANNUM (INTEGRITY)

    • About Mpuannum (with Guided Meditation)

    • Mpuannum Rooting Practices

    • Mpuannum Resourcing Practices

    • Mpuannum Rising Practices

    • Cultural Expressions of Mpuannum Wisdom

  • 3

    Highest Intention Week 2: ANI BERE (SELF-CONTROL)

    • About Ani Bere (with Guided Meditation)

    • Ani Bere Rooting Practices

    • Ani Bere Resourcing Practices

    • Ani Bere Rising Practices

    • Cultural Expressions of Ani Bere Wisdom

  • 4

    Highest Intention Week 3: OWO FORO ADOBE (ACCOMPLISHMENT)

    • About Owo Foro Adobe (with Guided Meditation)

    • Owo Foro Adobe Rooting Practices

    • Owo Foro Adobe Resourcing Practices

    • Owo Foro Adobe Rising Practices

    • Cultural Expressions of Owo Foro Adobe Wisdom

  • 5

    Highest Intention Week 4: AGYIN DAWURU (TRUSTWORTHINESS)

    • About Agyin Dawuru (with Guided Meditation)

    • Agyin Dawuru Rooting Practices

    • Agyin Dawuru Resourcing Practices

    • Agyin Dawuru Rising Practices

    • Cultural Expressions of Agyin Dawuru Wisdom

  • 6


    • About Kintinkantan (with Guided Meditation)

    • Kintinkantan Rooting Practices

    • Kintinkantan Resourcing Practices

    • Kintinkantan Rising Practices

    • Cultural Expressions of Kintinkantan Wisdom

Your Instructor

Dr. Shelly Harrell

Born and raised in Detroit, Dr. Shelly Harrell is an award-winning Harvard-educated and UCLA-trained psychologist, as well as a certified meditation teacher.  As an experienced therapist, mentor, and professor she has been helping, healing, teaching, and training for over 30 years. She is a researcher and published author in the areas of culture and psychotherapy, sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of stress, racism and mental health, and  psychological well-being among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Her soulfulness approach to wellness and resilience represents an integration of her work that is informed by cultural, African-centered, and liberation psychologies, contemplative practices, and stress science.