Program Features

  • 12 courses with a unique wisdom theme for each month of the year (themes include "Rooted Liberation", "Creative Excellence", and 10 more!)

  • A featured monthly meditation or breath practice

  • The "Rising Up Rooted" 3-part process and weekly practices

  • A weekly adinkra (African wisdom) symbol

  • Weekly expressions of Black wisdom (quotes, songs, artwork, etc.)

  • Curated music playlists for each monthly theme

  • A monthly adinkra poem and additional related adinkra symbols

  • (2021 Subscription only) A monthly live Wisdom Circle online with Dr. Shelly Harrell

  • (2021 Subscription only) Our private WhatsApp group

An Invitation from Dr. Shelly Harrell

Dearest Soulful Ones,

I would like to invite you to join me on a journey of healing wisdom.  

I am passionate about wisdom and the healing potential it contains. Wisdom can ground and root us amidst the storms and challenges of life. A Year of Wisdom and Healing started off as a personal initiative to reconnect to healing ground in 2021. This course reflects its evolution.

With a foundation in my "soulfulness" orientation, I have developed this program which includes a 3-part Rising Up Rooted process to support deepening our wisdom in the service of healing and liberation. The program is centered in the exploration of cultural expressions of Black wisdom. 

Each monthly course is organized around a theme such as Rooted Liberation, Creative Excellence, and Transformative Change. A set of Rising Up Rooted practices will be provided each week to plant, cultivate, and grow our "wisdom seeds" so that they bear fruit in our lives. I offer a weekly adinkra symbol to center us in different ways of exploring the wisdom theme, along with various cultural expressions of Black wisdom (quotes, songs, poetry, artwork, performances, etc.).  

A Year of Wisdom and Healing can support you to deepen your inner wisdom, strengthen your connection to collective wisdom, and practice living the wisdom so that it shows up in your life in meaningful ways. 

Wisdom is healing and I welcome you to join the journey.

Soulfully Yours, 

Dr. Shelly Harrell

Join Our Community

Together, let's get rooted in healing wisdom so that we can rise up flourishing in empowered liberation! Multiple options to join. Subscribe anytime in 2021 to receive themed wisdom courses monthly. With full program options, you get access to each of the 12 included courses immediately upon release. (Individual courses can also be purchased a la carte and are posted on the All Courses page as they become available.)

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What People are Saying

Learning So Much

Nichole G.

"I am so grateful for Dr. Harrell and the YWH program. It has ALL.THE.THINGS. From the Adinkra-centered lessons each week with the Rising up Rooted guided meditations and breath practices, to our live monthly Wisdom Circles facilitated by Dr. Harrell, the YWH program has brought much love, light, and healing to my life, all the things I need right now to fill my cup. I am learning so much from Dr. Harrell and the other participants on our journey toward wisdom and healing. YWH is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!"

Empowering Personal, Cultural, and Social Awareness

Angela C.

"The various resources you offer to explore our connections and reflections are very empowering and lead us to grow. Guided sharing is a key component of healing and well being. I am grateful to participate and look forward to continuing this journey of personal, cultural, and social awareness.

Growing, Searching, Evolving

Cadrena B.

It is such a beautiful, beautiful space of light where the individual can express within the community. So grateful. Still growing, searching, evolving and that's what the Year of Wisdom and Healing gives.

Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Soul

Judy S.

"Dr. Shelly Harrell has taken mindfulness to a new level. This evolution of my soul and mindfulness has been such a wonderful journey. Her embodiment of mind, souls and person placed my awareness of me on a new level. I am so grateful for her and this platform she has created."

Authentic, Grounded, Committed

Kristee H.

"I have been so blessed by Dr. Shelly Harrell’s work. She is authentic, grounded and committed to helping others learn and connect with their authentic selves. I keep coming back for more!"

Centering Focus and Calm

Sally S.

"After a moment of contemplation of a symbol or meditating and centering with the YWH group, I feel calm and focused."

Your Instructor

Dr. Shelly Harrell

Born and raised in Detroit, Dr. Shelly Harrell is an award-winning Harvard-educated and UCLA-trained psychologist, as well as a certified meditation teacher.  As an experienced therapist, mentor, and professor she has been helping, healing, teaching, and training for over 30 years. She is a researcher and published author in the areas of culture and psychotherapy, sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of stress, racism and mental health, and  psychological well-being among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Her soulfulness approach to wellness and resilience represents an integration of her work that is informed by cultural, African-centered, and liberation psychologies, contemplative practices, and stress science.