Course Description

Core mindfulness teachings delivered with a soulful vibe. Emphasis is on mindfulness as a path to mental and emotional liberation, as well as a foundation for collective liberation from racial trauma and oppression. Particular attention is given to the relevance of mindfulness for BIPOC wellness and mental health. The teachings are informed by the Vipassana insight meditation tradition, infused with an African diasporic sensibility and diverse cultural expressions. Dr. Shelly Harrell created this course to provide resources for healing and connection. She offered it a number of times in 2020, within the context of profound loss and change brought on by the COVID-19 and ongoing racism pandemics. In 2021, we’re continuing to grieve, heal, and free ourselves from the grasp of these pandemics. This course can support your well-being in these challenging times. Practicing mindfulness regularly can help us be more resilient, feel more peace and balance, live more aligned with our values in our daily lives, as well as provide a grounding for the manifestation of our highest aspirations and purpose, both personally and collectively.

  • Six 75-minute sessions recorded from the live Zoom class held Oct-Nov 2021

  • Topics include: Soulfulness and Mindfulness, Mindfulness of Love and Liberation, Mindfulness of Breath and Body, Mindfulness of Thoughts, Mindfulness of Emotion, and Mindfulness of Life

  • Session handouts and slides available for download

  • Music, poetry, and powerful quotes integrated throughout the course

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  • Jumpstart Your Practice

    "Dr. Shelly Harrell's Soulful Introduction to Mindfulness was just the class I needed to jumpstart my mindfulness practice. Dr. Harrell is a skillful instructor - She is personable, engaging, and knowledgeable. I was drawn to her style of practice and I loved her infusion of music and culturally relevant content."

  • Breadth and Depth

    "Wow, where to begin. I so appreciate the breadth and depth in the types of mindfulness meditation. I also love the soulfulness spin. It was truly the best mindfulness course I have ever taken because it helped me move the practice from my head to my soul. It helped me to come back to myself. I am forever grateful."

  • Deeply Nourishing

    "This class as a whole was so nourishing - I really appreciated the contextualization of mindfulness as a practice for liberation - personal and beyond. I felt seen in ways I never have before despite learning about mindfulness for the past 10 years. Dr. Harrell's expounding of mindfulness landed somewhere deep inside me where many other teachers didn't or couldn't. Representation matters! Being real matters!"

  • Transformative

    "Transformative class! A gift to yourself and your loved ones. You will develop tools to sustain your well-being for life. I very much appreciated Dr. Harrell’s expertise in the content and facilitation of exercises. The integration of music was a great addition to the process. I felt part of the community and very much connected to the references, meditations, reflections and exercises. i loved the grounding and resourcing, the RAIN and the calling ancestors and others to the circle of support. Powerful! The whole series had a profound impact on my sense of well-being. I got in touch with parts of self I knew were there but haven’t come in contact with for a while. Thank you so much!!"

  • Powerful Practices

    "Wonderful meditation course that has truly helped me in mind, body, and heart/spirit. I so appreciate the way Dr. Harrell's teaching has not only better connected me to meditation practices, but linked that practice to living more fully and authentically. She introduced me to simple, but powerful, practices that I've been using in my daily life that have helped me better be with my experiences (both the enjoyable and challenging ones) to live my best life. Thank you for this course, and I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of future ones!"

  • A Greater Calling

    "Dr. Harrell's "Soulful Introduction to Mindfulness" class series was more than I could have imagined. Her commitment to detail on each topic explored was remarkable. Her poised, warm, and calm delivery allowed her experiential practices to penetrate deeply week by week. Dr. Harrell's incorporation of poetry, music and other artistic expressions were culturally-congruent and unique compared to other mindfulness courses I have attended. Her ability to transcend the "trendy" of the mindfulness movement with the soulfulness of meditation anchors one in the purpose of meditation which is to move us personally and collectively into our greater calling. I cannot recommend her courses more!"

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Pay for the full 6-session Course and save $20 compared to purchasing course sessions individually! (scroll down for separate course sessions)

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Flexible option to pay for each session individually. You only get access to the course materials for the purchased session.


Introduction to Mindfulness and Soulfulness


Mindfulness of Love and Liberation


Mindfulness of Breath and Body


Mindfulness of Thoughts


Mindfulness of Emotion


Mindfulness of Life

  • Scholarships available. Email with inquiries.

Your Instructor

Dr. Shelly Harrell

Born and raised in Detroit, Dr. Shelly Harrell is an award-winning Harvard-educated and UCLA-trained psychologist, as well as a certified meditation teacher.  As an experienced therapist, mentor, and professor she has been helping, healing, teaching, and training for over 30 years. She is a researcher and published author in the areas of culture and psychotherapy, sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of stress, racism and mental health, and  psychological well-being among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Her soulfulness approach to wellness and resilience represents an integration of her work that is informed by cultural, African-centered, and liberation psychologies, contemplative practices, and stress science.